What is the Difference between Promo Codes, Rebates, Gift Cards, and other Deals

Updated: Apr 2

With the Internet transforming into our primary marketplace, people are still confused over several important shopping terms that could save them big bucks. People often use words like discounts and cash backs interchangeably. However, there are several points of distinction between these terms.

In our previous posts we have discussed Financial Tips and Tricks that will save you money, as well as Best Passive Income Ideas. In this article, we will analyze the difference between several online deals which will explain how to earn additional income from home.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are a mix of symbols, numbers, and letters that you can utilize for reducing your shopping bills online. The special characters in the promo codes are useful to the manufacturer for tracking purposes as well. During the checkout process, you can enter the promo code which you own.


Discounts refer to a reduction in the overall price of a product. Some online stores run special sales or offer discounts on select products depending on their marketing policy, which you can utilize to your advantage.


A rebate works in the same way as a discount, except for the fact that money is partially refunded to you after you’ve made the purchase. You pay the cash upfront and then are allotted the rebate amount. It is useful for sellers who are looking to bring you back to the store to make additional purchases down the road.


Wondering how to make extra money online from home? You could do that by purchasing the right products online. Companies often tie up to provide an additional product as a free bonus. You can purchase the products that offer a bonus item and flip them to others for profit if you don’t need them.

Gift Cards

Several companies also allow you to purchase gift cards from their online store that can be redeemed by the person you have gifted it to. In case you’ve got any Amazon gift cards lying around, you can use them for getting a sweet deal off of the price of the item.


Companies also offer rewards programs to people who actively use their services. For instance, credit card companies provide points, which can be used for purchasing products from their store or booking additional services.


Referral programs can provide you with hefty discounts, both as the referrer and the referee. You can share your referral link with your friends and family and convince them to use your link while shopping for products. When they use your referral link, not only do they get a discount, but you also get a sweet commission or bonus due to the sale.

If you’re looking for more details about how to make extra money from home, this is the right place to be. By taking advantage of these rewards and discount offers, you can purchase items for almost free prices and resell them for a tidy profit. It can be an enormously lucrative business, buying and selling products in this manner.

We hope we’ve cleared your doubts regarding the differences between different kinds of deals. Use this knowledge wisely and you might just be able to enjoy huge savings and reductions in the price you pay for your goods.

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