Sign Up Code Verification Improvement

Updated: Apr 14

We have reviewed our policy regarding submitted links and improved our link verification process. We manually check each sign up code using TrustPilot and our own scam databases.

As a result, we removed several offers that were reported as scam, fraud, pyramid schemes, or Ponzi schemes. Most of invalid or fraudulent sign up promo codes were removed from the Influencer/Affiliate or Online Income categories. Both categories still have valid and safe sign up promo codes, as verified by TrustPilot and other sources.

We will be working on the improvement of our policies for link verification in order to deliver only valid and non-scam offers to our customers. This will ensure that all sign up discount codes published on are safe to use.

If you feel that your referral code or link was removed by mistake, feel free to reach out at We will take a closer look at your submitted promo codes and re-run link verification process.

Also, if you think that the link published on is a scam or fraud or otherwise violates the rules of fair and safe link sharing, let us know at

Stay safe both online and offline!

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