New Category for Cryptocurrencies

Currently I Refer You is reviewing 50+ referral links and codes daily. After a thorough evaluation of the offers, it was determined that a new category is necessary.

We have added a new category called Crypto/Mining. Many offers from the Online Income section will be moved to the new category. Crypto/Mining discounts and codes will include all blockchain, crypto currencies, and mining-related deals. Feel free to add your referral links and coupon codes associated with Bitcoin, Etherium, or other cryptocurrencies.

We are planning an article (or series of articles) about blockchain and cryptos. We will analyze the income opportunities which they create for users, as well as the risks which they potentially possess. Leave us a comment if you are interested in this topic or have specific questions about the matter.

Keep in touch! Let’s connect all nice people who want to share and use discounts in different spheres.


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