Most Popular Types of Discounts Online

Updated: Apr 2

Looking to learn more about the various types of discounts that are available on the web? With online portals becoming popular and increasing their sales every day, it makes sense to learn more about the most popular types of discounts online. People looking for information of how to earn extra money from home will also be helped by this article since they can use the methods mentioned here for obtaining products at cheap prices and reselling them. This article will teach you all there is to know with regards to discounts and their various forms.

Free Shipping

This is a highly popular incentive that is offered by most sellers. Delivery charges have been shown to put off customers from shopping online. However, when the product can be purchased without having to pay any shipping charges, people are ready to purchase the product without any hesitation. This effect can be seen even if the price of the delivery has already been factored into the cost.

Referral Links

There are several referral income opportunities you can avail of if you’re using apps or websites on the Internet. Basically, people get assigned a custom referral link when they sign up or register for a service or website or app on the Internet. They can share these links with their friends or family members and encourage them to sign up using this link as well. They can earn money by referral link in this manner. Thank to platforms like I Refer You it is possible to submit your referral links openly to the public rather than to your friends or family only. This highly increases the chances of success in getting an online discount or reward.

Prelaunch Product Discounts

There are several companies on the Internet who offer massive prelaunch discounts in order to get the word about them going. Prelaunch discounts tend to be limited in nature and are available only for the first few customers who purchase their products.

Exclusive Discounts

Some companies offer exclusive discounts to a target audience like students, existing customers, etc., in order to promote their sales among the target customer base. Such discounts can promote brand loyalty and pay off in the long run.

Cross Sell and Upsell Discounts

Companies often offer discounts to their existing customers in an attempt to get them to purchase another product from them. This is done by supplying customers with a special coupon or discount code via email, once they’ve purchased the first product. Since customers have already formed a bond with the company, they won’t be hesitant in purchasing additional products from the same company. The discount code here is only the cherry on top.


Coupons are special codes that customers can redeem while purchasing a product to either enjoy special benefits or an outright price rebate or discount. They are usually distributed via mass marketing tools like newspapers, bills, or other such tools that can reach a massive audience. Coupons can help customers save a lot of money, sometimes well over 50%.

There are a number of discount methods online that can help you slash the prices of your favorite items by a considerable amount. By using these methods, you can save a ton of money and reuse them for other important purposes.

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