Innovative Way to Post Affiliate Links

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Innovative technologies are used to create benefits for everyone

A new way to share affiliate links to your beloved apps, platforms and services. Inviting people to boost up your accounts and receive bonuses has never been easier.

Post Affiliate Links for Free

Are you tired of numerous referral links that no one clicks on?

Every referral link is assigned a category, from banking to investing, from taxi to food delivery, from health and fitness to genetic tests, from online games to calories tracking.

Create Attractive Deals

When you post your links, add bonuses that will attract people and motivate them to use your particular referral link.

Find Great Deals

Search for good deals before registering a new account.

Registering a new account can not only give you access to the features of the platform you are about to use, but also send rewards for registering directly to your wallet!

Use Referral Links

To receive bonuses, click on the affiliate link someone offered, fulfill the conditions of the offer, and lay back waiting for your rewards. Good luck!


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