I REFER YOU to Donate 5% of Income to Online Education Charity

Updated: Apr 2

I REF YOU has always supported education as the engine for social and economic prosperity of individuals and countries alike. Recent events associated with COVID-19 emphasize the importance of accessible online education. Nowadays this type of education is in high demand across different people. Some have no or limited access to schools, others have limited budget to afford the education they want. Many libraries and education platforms granted free access to their online resources. This is a nice step to show concern and support of our global community.

To show our respect to workers of essential businesses for their commitment, to thank all the people for patience, and to support seamless, accessible, and effective education, I REFER YOU will donate at least 5% of its net annual income to an online education charity. We believe that this step will stand in line with the standards of IReferYou. We aspire to bring enlightenment to our society, especially when and where it is most needed!

Post your referral links, use discounts, enjoy life!

Stay safe and strong!

Thank you.


Aliaksei Papou (Founder and CEO of I Refer You)


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