I REFER YOU Is Going on Kickstarter

Updated: Apr 2

How it Started

At some point I got tired of 'Refer a Friend' links and ‘Invite a friend’ offers from many services I was using. I never shared a link with a friend, hardly shared any with my family. From time to time I was looking for online services where I could post a referral link or invite code and just start receiving my bonuses.

There are not many services of this kind (if any), and the niche is practically empty. I was working on 'I Refer You' (https://www.irefyou.com/) for the past 6 months. The site gained some exposure and popularity, now we are receiving referral links every day. Organic traffic started coming to the platform. Currently we distributed links into 14 categories.


Why Kickstarter?

At this point, we will need to expand the scope of services we offer, move the website to another platform and servers, and add functionality to ensure link clicks counter, sign ups, website search, automate link submissions, etc. etc. etc. We keep checking all submitted links manually, the automation of this process will also be required when link submissions exceed our capacity.

Kickstarter is a good opportunity to raise funds to expand our capacity to deliver good service to nice people who visit irefyou.com

We will be working on a more functional website (improve site search, add link click counter, and more), create Apple and Android apps for mobile phones, and more.


Final Word

I'm sure there are a lot of nice people who want to share their referral links and discounts. There are as many nice people who are eager to use a discount when they open a new account online. I Refer You project will unite the visitors to make it a gain-gain for all parties.

Finally, I Refer You will donate 5% of its net annual income to an online education charity!

If you like saving money and want to help other people do so, support us on Kickstarter.

Nice visitors of I Refer You will thank you a lot!


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