How to Share and Find Discounts Online

Updated: Apr 2

Finding a valid discount coupon is not always easy. Most coupons are limited in the number of users, expire fast, or simply lead to scam websites. I Refer You is an innovative platform that collects discount codes in the form of referral links. You are free to browse a database of hundreds of codes and bonus links, and get free subscription or any other form of reward when you open a new account online. The most popular website in this category is probably Groupon. However, it features offers provided by businesses themselves, which includes limitations such as offer expiration, pricing, extra fees. At I Refer You, you can find real discounts from real people, no bs, no scam, no sign ups.

Post your referral links to start earning bonuses from nice people like you who use your links.Our team is working hard to deliver your submitted links to the most interested people. There are very few services (mostly forums) which are devoted to link sharing. I Refer You takes link sharing to the new level - we created a platform to attract new customers both to use and to submit their referral codes. It is a win-win situation: you get a bonus when you use a link, the referrer gets a bonus when you use that link, you are rewarded when someone uses your link, many nice people get rewards for registering with your link. This is not a pyramid scheme - all links are checked manually for validity. All referral programs are subject to Terms and Conditions provided by the Referral Program of the respective party (e.g. American Express, Discover, Uber, Lyft, etc).

The links are distributed in 14 categories, you can be sure you will find an offer just for you. The website features a blog which describes the ways in which you can save money by using discounts, and earn extra buck when you post your referral link online. Check tips, tricks and lifehacks in the blog, find the best advice to order food online, share your ride, or manage your finances - we got you covered in all spheres of life.

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