Best Shopping Habits To Avoid Overspending

Updated: Apr 2

Here is a short list of shopping tips and tricks that will help you avoid overspending and overshopping. Follow them whenever you are on a shopping spree. The tips are useful for you especially if you tend to find items that surprise you when unpacking your shopping bags, or when you normally do a lot of returns.

Follow Your Shopping List

The first and obvious shopping tip is using a shopping list. You don’t want to overspend and want to avoid impulse buying. One trick to save you money and budget is not to buy anything not on your shopping list in the first run. If you think you really want the item and just forgot to put it on your list: finish your shopping, take the goods to your car, then return to buy that item. If you don’t want to return to the store at this point, then you don’t really need that impulse purchase. Remember, shopping lists work even when not put on paper. Keep what you need in mind, and ignore everything else.

Shop from Bottom Shelves

Stores and marketers know our habits better than we do. Often they place products in a way that is convenient for them to sell, rather than convenient for us to buy. You will find the goods the store wants to sell first for whatever reason on your eye level. The reason can be a more expensive product, products with shorter shelf life, merchandiser paid promotion, etc. Most of the times you may need to touch your toes to find a smarter deal.

Shop in the Right Mood

The general idea is not to shop when you are bored, hungry, upset, or lonely. Emotional states often lead to overshopping, and you end up purchasing items you don’t really want. Emotional triggers may imply unconscious shopping behavior. If you end up shopping in such a state, ask yourself ‘Where will I wear this?’ or ‘How will I cook and eat this?’. Sometimes simple questions may save you a dollar or two.

Don’t Fall into ‘Sale’ Trap

Most of the times when you buy an item on sale, you don’t save money. Sounds ridiculous? Right, you still lay out money on the item which you would not otherwise buy at all. A discounted price by itself is not a sufficient reason to buy. Make sure you really want the product before buying it. Use the tricks and questions above. If you need something, look for a discount before shopping, rather than find random discounts during shopping. Use coupons or referral codes shared by others. Deals from Nuuly, ASOS, Stitch Fix, Rakuten and more are already available in our Shopping/Fashion category. Each offer has a valid promo code. Offer your referral links to other nice people, which will not only mean a bonus to them, but also deliver tangible benefits to you.

To Sum It Up

Plan your shopping, know you store’s merchandizing tricks, take into account your emotions, follow your intended budget. There are tons of other useful tricks that can save you money. They include your personal state when shopping, your store’s tricks to make you buy more, your awareness of your own budget and needs. Some of the tricks are applicable to both online and offline shopping, others are more valid for one type rather than the other. Let us know if you want more tips on how to shop smartly, always enjoy your purchases, and never overspend.


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