Best Apps and Services in the Internet/IT Category

Updated: Apr 2

Internet Concerns and Opportunities

Internet and IT is the fast developing area of the booming Technology sector. New technologies create new concerns for users, including but not limited to privacy and security, password management, file storage. Bullying, stalking, spam and advertising, time waste, tons of false information are other issues that arose with the growth of the internet. However, all the concerns can be addressed with proper management of your time and resources. Make sure to take a deeper look at the opportunities which the internet created for all of us.

At the same time, IT creates new opportunities to earn extra money from home, even if you are not working in the IT industry. The recent events related to COVID-19 saw the stocks of web streaming apps and services soaring up. This shows how important the internet is for the activities of all businesses around the world. Online entertainment is another feature that helps us survive during shelter-in-home or lockdown. Gaming and online media streaming services got thousands of new subscribers who were looking for a chance to get rid of the Coronavirus in our minds for a minute. Finally, you can start making passive income from your computer, or rather let you computer do the job with advanced browsers or services that pay you for using a tiny portion of your computer’s capacity.

Nice people of I Refer You post their referral codes for you to take benefits and discounts when you open new accounts online. You can easily make use of the referral links shared with nice people like you on IRefYou platform. Simply click on the respective link when you are going to sign up for a service or open a new account online with an app. You will be entitled to receive a discount or promo bonus from the service, and your referrer will get a bonus as well. Simple as that, share referal links for the benefit of everyone.

Here are the 5 best offers in the Internet/IT category from our database

  • Earn krypto while browsing the Internet, sign up with Brave Browser. The browser is based on Chromium, with the ability to block web trackers and ads. Furthermore, when you create an account with Brave Browser, you get the opportunity to earn rewards for using the internet.

  • Keep your passwords secure and not forgotten, open an account with Dashlane. The multi-platform app allows you to store your passwords, personal information, and payments in one place. Secure, fast, convenient.

  • Let your computer earn money when you register with FluidStack. The service aggregates users' PCs and laptops into a distributed cloud. This enhances the speed of content delivery, enterprise computing, and scientific research. When you computer is idle, the service uses it as a cloud server, and earns you additional income from home.

  • Store your files in a private or shareable cloud service when you sign up for Dropbox. Dropbox is more than just cloud storage, it is a more efficient workplace which keeps your files in sync, reducing busywork and increasing your productivity.

  • Get discounts on Wireless and Internet plans when you create a new account with Mint Mobile. The provider is literally extends its middle finger to conventional large wireless companies. It offers no contracdts, no overages, no unnecessary stuff like paying for a hotspot.

How Else Can I Make Money Through Internet?

Using the links brings you discounts, but sharing your links greatly expands your opportunities. You can get unlimited number of referral clicks and receive unlimited bonuses (unless otherwise stated in your service’s Referral Program Terms of Use). This makes sharing referral links one of the best passive income ideas if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest. When looking for ways to create passive income, don’t limit your capacity to just one source. Engage in various activities that may become your safety financial cushion in the long run. If you are asking yourself ‘How to earn extra money from home’, use the platforms and services that have been designed for you to earn additional income.


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