5 Ways to Save Money During Super Bowl

No matter if you plan to travel to Super Bowl LIV between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs in Miami or want to watch the game at home. These ideas will be useful both to get discounts online for your travel and to earn extra money from home. Even if you are not planning to go to the game, a lot of people do. This opens a lot of legal opportunities to make extra money from home or generate additional income if you capture referral income opportunities. Here are some smart ideas.


If you are going to Miami to Super Bowl LIV, you’ll need to get around the city. Commute in a bust city can be challenging, especially during such a big event as the Super Bowl. You can escape traffic jams if you use electric scooters, bikes, and other vehicles of this kind. On the other hand, you may prefer the comfort of taxi. Both options can be less hefty for your wallet if you share your referral link to the rideshare app or search discounts online.

Even if you are not traveling to Miami Super Bowl 2020 you can use the opportunity to earn additional income from home if you post referral links. Promote referral link to ride share apps to get rewards and free rides for your most favorite services, such as Getaround, Uber, Lyft, Bird, Lime, etc. Moreover, search for new offers submitted by your fellows to get discounts online when you sign up for ride share apps.


Booking flights to Super Bowl LIV in Miami is another challenging task for a football fan. Early February is a hot date for Miami travels. However, you may enjoy the discounts or and use the benefits of referral links. Many airlines and flight booking apps offer referral programs. Look for discounts online to see if there are any offers which you can use. You can earn extra money even if you are not going to Miami in February. Just post your referral links online and earn extra money or extra miles.

Hotels & Lodging

Are you ready to pay $1,000 per night in a hotel during the Super Bowl LIV night? You can save on lodging and hotels when you use offers submitted by other users. Alternatively, share your own referral link to lodging and hotel booking services like AirBnB. Many people will be grateful to you for sharing these links and using your offers. Don’t miss this chance!

Food delivery

When traveling to Miami Super Bowl LIV you may spend a buck on tailgating and eating out. However, you may save some money when you order food online, using such services as Uber Eats, Doordash, and others. Take a look at the discount offers for such services. Besides, check the apps which you luse for ‘Invite a Friend’ links to get free meals, free deliveries, and other rewards. Football fans who visit Miami on February 2, 2020 will definitely be willing to use a coupon or promo code which you share.

Wireless and Data Services

You may need extra wireless or data service in Miami when visiting Super Bowl LIV. Search for best deals to get all you need and share best moments instantly with your friends and family. Furthermore, offer your links to others to earn extra money when you submit referral links from your providers, and you’ll enjoy surprising discounts. Many providers run referral programs, don’t miss the opportunity to give discounts and get rewards!

Super Bowl LIV in Miami between 49ers and Chiefs is definitely the event we all don’t want to miss. This is the 54th Super Bowl game in NFL history, and the past games have proven to be most exciting events of the beginning of the year. Enjoy the game in the first place, and be generous to to give and share! Also, be smart to capture the opportunity to get extra at the same time.


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