5 Tips for Smart Online Shopping to Get Discounts

Online shopping is arguably one of the cornerstones of future consumer behavior traits. We see how traditional offline stores go out of business due to the expansion of Amazon. Many conventional stores now offer their own online shopping and delivery services. The COVID-19 crisis underlined the importance of online services that shops can offer to their customers. Many discounts and coupon codes can be applied only when shopping online. This shows how retailers value online customers and are eager to increase their online sales by offering sign up discounts. Find out how to get best rebates when you open a new account online, claim your sign up promo code, or find you sign up discount code online.

Leave products in your cart

Once you have chosen the desired items just let them sit in your shopping cart. Retailers want to finalize the deal, so they are likely to reach out to you offering you sign up promo codes and discounts. In a few days you may expect an email with a coupon or rebate for your purchase. However, you may need to have an account when you leave the online store in order to save you items in the cart. Make sure to search online for sign up bonus and invite codes before you open a new account and register with a shop or service.

Follow stores on social media

Retailers like to have thousands of followers on social media. This confirms their credibility and contributes to their sales. Therefore, online retail stores may offer discounts to their social media followers, send you exclusive promo codes or early access to big sales. Another way not to miss those sweet deals online is to sign up for retailers’ email alerts. You can set up an email filter to send all promotional offers to a separate folder or tag, so that your inbox doesn’t look like a spam folder.

Ask for expired coupon extension

Customers may be not aware that online stores have an opportunity to extend you promo code or coupon that has expired. Call customer service and they may be willing to honor you that coupon code. This strategy may not work every time, but will definitely bring you discounts once in a while.

Use you coupon codes smartly

If the online store you are shopping at allows you to use multiple promo codes, make sure to use the coupons in the right order. For instance, if you have a 20% promo code and a $15 coupon, use the 20% code first. This will ensure you a bigger discount on the full price of the order.

Search for price-drop rebates and refunds

Retailers change their prices often, depending on the season, current demand, their marketing plans, and other factors. If you notice that the price on the item you have purchased dropped, some shops may offer you a refund for the price difference. When you sign up with a store and make the purchase, keep track of the prices. Many companies are willing to give you a discount or a sing up bonus if you contact them within a specified number of days.

Shopping shouldn’t be frustrating when you look at your check or pay your credit card bills. Take advantage of the stores’ offers, shop smartly and use available discounts, find sign up discount codes before you open your accounts online. Retailers offer promo codes and sign up bonuses to attract new customers, so why not use their offers to get those deals. Moreover, many stores and services run referral programs and ask you to invite a friend to sign up with them. Use this opportunity as well by posting your referral and invite codes online to get extra bonuses. The advantage of this strategy is that you can have an unlimited number of referral who use your promo codes online (depending on referral program), and each customer who sign up for a discount will bring a bonus to you as well.


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