4 Tips to Rent Weekend or Vacation Housing

Updated: Apr 2

Cramming the whole family into small hotel rooms does not exactly spell an awesome vacation. Renting a home for vacation is the choice instead of hotels plus resorts, as they offer the elementary comforts of a home, for example, bigger space, more confidentiality, more modified features as well as affordability.

When in search of accommodation choices though you are probable to face manifold condo rentals, therefore making it firm for you to create a choice. To aid you enjoy in this verdict, here are key concerns to keep in mind.

Get Your Timing Correct

The overall rule with holiday rentals is to reserve early. Certainly, not like hotels and airfare, there is no advantage in waiting toward reserve that in-demand Italian cottage otherwise that Carolina seashore house. Plan a year beforehand, if you could. The exclusion is if you are headed to a prevalent destination similar to Florida or Arizona, wherever supply could outstrip demand for rents. In that case, you could frequently wait till the last minute plus see noteworthy price decreases.

Defend Yourself

Continually get an official lease contract that lays out all the terms of the rent, which defends both you and the proprietor should somewhat happen. Read the fine print — particularly the cancellation plan, which tends toward be firmer than at hotels — plus bring a copy with you on your journey. Note that it is normal to have to pay upfront, however, you can ask the landowner to accept a 50 percent deposit, with the rest due shortly before you arrive.

Be Flexible

It’s impractical to anticipate that your kitchen would be as completely furnished as your homes, at the same time, you should not be using an outhouse if you are not into that. Have an impression of what you completely need, as well as what you could live without, and pack consequently.

Ask About Discounts

If you are renting a place for more than a week or renting multiple properties, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or deals. You will get great discounts if you are traveling at a less popular time like the low-season. Discounts are also based on the amenities and services you get in the rental homes. Chances are that the owner would rent out the home for a low price. Some owners will automatically list discounted rates. One of the greatest ways to get discounts is to search online for the promo codes, coupons, offers, deals, bonuses, and rewards or you can get a referral link or code from other people to book your vacation rental apartment. Moreover, you can post your own referral links online for others to use: nice people will find and use your discounts, while also bringing benefits and bonuses to you.


It is wise to compare your choices before it derives from hunting for a place to stay during the holiday. Whereas reservation early is helpful, be open to other potentials after relaxing on a given rental.

Keep penetrating for additional deals that offer you the chance to access improved prices and facilities. Even better, you would discover additional about your destination as well as what to anticipate.

Finding a rent for your holiday does not have to be a difficult task. By seeing the guidelines above, you would be able to discover a place that suits your requirements, hence confirming that your dream getaway converts into an awesome vacation. If you are searching for deals on travel, renting homes, and hotels, I Refer You is the place to get them.


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