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Fully secured peer-to-peer lending.
Your investments are fully backed by borrower collateral and smart contracts. While not on loan or waiting for a match, your funds earn an automatic 4% APY, and can be withdrawn anytime for free.

Invest the way you want 7.00%
Start from just $50. Fully secured.

Borrow the way you want 7.00%
No limit. No credit checks. Terms from 1-6 months.


Own a trading account on CHY mall and earn income as you stay safe at home. All you have to do is, buy one Quantum product from the retail zone (at retail price), and two of the same products from the wholesale zone (at wholesale prices) and CHY Mall will ship the retail one to you and sell the two wholesale products for you (at retail prices) within 10 days. You make your profit, plus full capital returns (the amount of money you bought the three products with). Then you repeat the same process every 10 days. CHY gives you one of the products each time you make a trade, which is every 10 days.

Contact me via WhatsApp on +233543154330 for more information.


Amazing cashback site, very similar to TopCashback. I recommend getting both to take advantages of differing offers and cashback rates. Free to use and by singing up with this link you get a free £10 bonus!


Invitation code-07T2LA


Hello! Here's my brief and honest opinion to Ebates

are you bored of being home during the summer and can't find a way to make money?

The app Rakuten/Ebates is a cashback app that gives you the opportunity to make money and get good discounts!

This is like keeping the change/Savings and it adds up every time you buy.

ex: 12% cashback on Macy's. if you spend only 23 dollars you get about $1.70 in cashback/Savings.

if you need proof please leave a comment below.

personally I like this cashback app better than ibotta, Dosh because Rakuten can pay you in checks or PayPal. For me, PayPal is too much I rather get the check and deposit to my bank account. This is the only cashback app that I've made money. I've tried the other money-making apps and none seem to work. I would rate rebates/Rakuten a solid 8/10. The other ones I can assure you ARE FAKE and a headache.

Here is the link if you are interested in trying this app out. Please use my link so we could both get some cash! in order to get 10 dollars just for buying something, I think you have to spend 25 dollars but you'll get 10 dollars back in cashback. if you do some simple math You'll be ending up paying 15 dollars for your purchase. 25(Purchase)-10(cashback)= 15 dollars spend for a purchase! (sign up using the link bellow).

otherwise, you can just watch video reviews of this app to have more understanding!

Really hope you give this app a chance and if you have any problems and still feel skeptical please leave a comment!

Zap Surveys

$6.25 Sign up bonus in Zap Surveys app, you can Also get up to $2 for each survey, once you reached $25, you can withdraw to PayPal, Visa card, Amazon, and more.


Earn a secondary income. Join the Middle East’s first and only regulated real estate investment platform today.


Start investing with only $500. Put your money across the globe in international markets through ETFs. DFSA Regulated. Low Initial Investment. Types: Stock and Bond ETFs, Portfolio Recommendation, Financial Advice.5-min sign-up, 24/7 Access. No lock-ins.

Current Music

You have been exclusively invited to the Current music app. Start listening to music and get paid up to $600 per year. Download now and share with your friends to instantly cash out!!! Stop paying subscriptions and get paid to play!


I’m earning real cash by simply reading news in BuzzBreak! Join me using my referral link. To earn extra bonus, enter my referral code B20863327 after you start using it! Download from Google Play to win big reward!


Earn money by referring others and other activities


You earn every time your friends earn points with FeaturePoints. You get paid for every app they download, survey they complete, and cash back purchase they make. Sign them up now before somebody else does!



Imoney (daystaker) is paying you around $5 you can cash out if you sign up and complete all of their tasks which is just downloading and opening apps for 3 mins each. They have other features as well and it’s really fun! 🙂

I’ve already made $15.58 & can cash out to bank, PayPal or amazon gift cards... also $5 per referral.


Earn money by completing tasks and referring friends and earn 100$

Fx World 24

Hi, I am MSU Rubel.
Get $10 Free And make money 30% - 350% per month with your capital or

connect your Forex trading account for a high-quality manager and growing your account without any risk and any tension.

it's a super easy powerful system.
Register Now - and risk-free start now earning.


Turn your grocery receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards. It’s super easy. Just click the link below and you’ll get $2.

Rewards you can get: Amazon,Visa, Xbox,ps4, etc



FBS offers a wide range of MetaTrader platforms for Windows and Mac.

A set of MT applications for Android and iOS allows you to trade on your account from any smartphone or tablet.


Just listen to music and earn points that you can trade for money


Earn money with this traffic exchange platform.You can promote your reff links and also earn some money.I received my 4 withdrawal.I earned 128$ for month.


Earn money solving captchas.Legit platform,you can earn 1.5$/per 1000 captchas.Unlimited solving captchas.Payout min.2$

Goal Tycoon

Play and Earnmoney with the only football manager online game who rewards you with real money to manage your team. Online since 2013, GT is available in all countries of the world.


Earn cash back and bonus rewards for everyday shopping at your favorite stores! Scan receipts and cash back offers will be automatically redeemed! Automatically scans for digital receipts in linked apps! Use my referall link to sign up and receive bonus rewards!


Register through this link and start earning while at home here ate the offers👇






Enjoy and get paid to play games and tasks and also earn paytm cash

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