Frequently Asked Questions

What is I Refer You?

Refer You is a website that collects referral links from people who want to share a link to get rewards;

Refer You provides a search of discounts, coupons, rewards, and bonuses across the shared referral offers.

How does it work?

An average smartphone owner uses over 30 apps each month.

Apple App Store and Google Play Store offer 5 million apps for download combined.  Over 50% of apps and websites offer referral programs.

Most people have tens of referral offers that they never use simply because they can not find people who are eager to use their links.

At the same time, millions of people register new accounts and subscribe to new services every day. 


Submitting your referral links will let you receive bonuses for referring people, while your referrers will receive bonuses for using the link you shared.  You post a referral link to I Refer You platform. Our team works to share your referral offers with the most interested customers. When someone subscribes to a services or offer using your link – you both win! People who search for rebates, sign up discounts and promo codes will be thankful to you for sharing your links.


What is the difference between referral and affiliate programs?

A referral program offers customers incentives for every friend they refer who successfully fulfils the conditions of the program. These conditions may include signing up, spending a particular amount on subscription,  or purchasing a product or service. 

An affiliate program offers incentives to marketers, influencers, bloggers, podcasters, video channel creators, industry leaders and other affiliates for sign-ups they bring in. 

The key difference between referral programs and affiliate marketing is that referral links are submitted by customers. To post an affiliate link you don't necessarily need to be a customer. 

I Refer You provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in the exchange of referral and affiliate links.


Can I share affiliate links if I participate in an affiliate program?

Yes, you are welcome to post affiliate links for free, we will promote your affiliate link. Subscription feature may be added in future for sharing links from affiliate programs. We equally promote affiliate and referral links to the interested customers. There is no need to search for best affiliate marketing websites anymore, we aggregate all the best offers and deliver them to the most relevant audience.

Where can I find referral links to earn rewards?

​Many apps and websites offer referral programs, especially the ones that have paid subscription or any other type of paid services or content. You can get access to free services or receive other bonuses. Find referral links in the apps and websites you are using. These may include:

  • Credit cards and U.S. bank checking and savings accounts;

  • Media streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Spotify, etc.;

  • Ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft and electric scooters, bike sharing;

  • Food and grocery deliveries like DoorDash, Caviar, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc.;

  • Online, mobile and video games;

  • Fitness and health tracking apps;

  • Internet and wireless providers;

  • Hotel and housing booking services like AirBnB,, etc.;

  • Travel agencies;

  • Investment and brocker apps and sites;

  • Employment search services, including freelance jobs;

  • Job offer services;

  • Education and self-development services, like Udemy, Coursera, etc.;

  • Ticket booking and other entertainment services;

  • ...and much much more!

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