What is Refer You

I Refer You is a free online platform where nice people can earn money by referral link. Post referral links and get discounts online for using links shared by others.

Turn "Refer a Friend and Get a Bonus" offers into real working deals!


  • You have a Lyft rider account. Lyft, like many other businesses, has a referral program. They give you a referral link to share with friends. Lyft gives you a free ride for each person who signs up with them through your link. 

  • Copy your unique referral link to our website. Every website visitor who uses your link will bring you a free ride. They also receive 2$ off each of their first 3 rides.

  • Everyone is happy and thankful!


Invite nice people to use your referral links now.

Where can I get referral links to earn rewards?

Use referral links from:​

  • Mobile apps and online services;

  • Bank credit cards, checking and savings accounts;

  • Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Spotify, etc;

  • Ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft, electric scooters and bike sharing;

  • Online shopping and delivery services like DoorDash, Ebay, Uber Eats, etc;

  • Mobile and online games;

  • ...and much more


How much money you are leaving on the table

On average smartphone owners use 30 apps each month. Apple App Store and Google Play Store offer 5 million apps for download combined.  Did you know that over 50% of apps and websites offer referral programs? Participating in these programs you can make money from referral links.

Check your apps and websites for 'Invite a Friend' links, submit your referral links, and wait for additional income to flow to your accounts!

Our Categories


Get discounts and promo codes online for accessories and part for all kinds of vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, golf carts, scooters - they all need parts and your care. Get bonus offers to receive rewards for new accounts you open and new registrations and sign ups for automotive category.

Banking and Finances

Find discounts when you open new checking and savings bank accounts, credit and debit cards. Receive extra bonuses when you open investment accounts. Get free subscription to finance management apps and tax calculation software. 

Commute and Ride Share

Search the deals below to get discounts and free rides when you open a new account with any ride sharing app or website. Subscribe for commute rides, electric scooters, or bike sharing. Find coupons for Uber or Lyft, or find rewards for opening a new account with any commute service.


Find free training classes and get discounts on online webinars when you create a new account with online educational services and self-development websites.


Find discounts, free subscription to media services, including video streaming of TV shows, movies, documentaries, sports. Enjoy free music subscription when you find referral links to music streaming and other media services.

Food and Grocery Delivery

Get discounts for grocery delivery services, find bonus deals at restaurants, enjoy free deliveries of food and free months of subscription when you open new accounts with food and dining services.


Search for discounts on your favorite games. Get months of free subscription for numerous video game and online game services. You don’t need to look for customers who use your referral links. Simply share your link with I Refer You database, and hold tight. We will show your links to the nice people who will be thankful to you.

Health, Beauty and Fitness

Get discounts on health, beauty and fitness services. From online consultations with make up artists to gym subscriptions, from nail and hair stylists referrals to beauty apps on your mobile. All kinds of deals are shared with the nice people of I Refer You.

Influencer and Affiliate Links

This category offers you links to the best and most popular affiliate and influencer networks. Register on new platforms and grow your income potential. Use sign up bonuses shared with you by other influencers. Make success and start your earning journey with actually earning extra cash and bonuses.

Internet and IT

Find discounts when you register new account with a wireless provider, find bonus deals with internet providers, get free cloud storage space, search free email and hosting provider deals, and more.


Search coupons and discounts when you open new account with job search and employment offers services, including freelance websites and apps.

Lodging, Hotels and Travel

Find coupons for hotel bookings, residential and vacation housing rental and homestays, travel agencies, flight ticket search, and other travel and rental related services.

Online Income

Learn how to earn extra money from home. Choose your online income opportunities among the best passive income ideas. Choose smartly and use your discretion when you select ways to create passive income.


Your pet deserves the best care. You deserve the biggest discounts. Get coupons and offers for any services and subscriptions for your domestic friends. Pet food subscriptions, vet services, cat litter deliveries, grooming, and much more - all kinds of deals can be shared with I Refer You.

Shopping and Fashion

Find discounts when you open a new account with an online shopping platform, such as Amazon, Shopify, Ebay and others. Get coupons and rewards for following referral links of our subscribers when you register to make an online purchase.


All links and offers that do not fit in other categories. Online income opportunities, view-and-earn sites, taking surveys, and much more.

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