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Did NetflixUberASOS  or any other shop and service ever asked you to invite a friend to their app? They probably offer you rewards for every friend you refer, don't they?

  • Upload the link to our website so that someone else can search for it and use it;

  • Search our database for sign up discounts and promos;

  • Every invited person brings you rewards and says Thank You for the sign up discount they get.


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What is I Refer You?

A new place to find online discounts AND earn extra passive income:

Irefyou.com is a free platform for people to find active referral links provided by real people.


You receive a discount by using their link, and they receive an incentive every time their link is used. It enables anyone to earn extra passive income from home and get discounts online!


Everybody gets a piece of the pie and wins.

Where are the discounts from?

Regular people! You now have a new platform to share referral links and search for discounts:

How often do you sign up for a service and are offered an incentive if you get your friends to sign up? Truth be told, no one wants to bother their friends that way. This platform provides a space for nice people to keep their friends and share their referral links online for anyone to use. In fact, you probably have referral links you can share to earn passive income right now. Check your apps or services for “refer a friend” links!


It’s simple and easy to use.

What’s the catch?

No games! Just a new way to find online discounts or earn extra income from home (or do both):

There really is no downside. This is a new kind of platform that offers the ability for regular people to share their personal referral links online. Simply search for the company, industry, or type of product or service you are looking for and use any of the referrals available to get started. It’s a new way make extra money online and a new option for how to get discount coupons.


No sign ups required.

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